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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
Third Grade Teacher
Crissey Elementary School
Attended Owens 1997-1998

"The atmosphere and caliber of instruction at Owens are excellent. I give the College an A+."

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Profile of Excellence: Lisa Holden
Owens Community College Alumna
Lisa Holden got her college start at Owens Community College in 1997. By making the initial choice to attend Owens, instead of a large university, Lisa reached her goal of obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Today, Lisa is a Teacher at Crissey Elementary-and loves every moment in the classroom.

As a high school student, Lisa attended Central Catholic and Bowsher. She fell victim to "schoolitis" and could not wait to graduate so she could be out on her own. At the time, Lisa thought a high school degree would be sufficient to open career doors. Over a period that would span about 17 years, Lisa worked a variety of office jobs in the medical and insurance fields, but they were just jobs-not a satisfying career.

While working for a group of oral surgeons in Ann Arbor, Lisa decided she had pushed enough papers and needed to make a drastic career change. "I was making a decent living," she said, "but I needed greater job satisfaction." Lisa moved back to Toledo and became a full-time student at Owens Community College.

Lisa wanted to be an early childhood teacher and felt that Owens would be a great place to start. Since she was no longer working full time, Lisa needed a quality education at a reasonable price. Through student loans and teaching piano lessons, Lisa paid her way through school.

After her first core class, Lisa was convinced she had made a great choice. "The atmosphere and caliber of instruction at Owens are excellent," says Lisa. "I give the College an A+."

She appreciated the campus accessibility, which made it easy for her to get around. Owens' faculty and staff were helpful and made the transition into college comfortable for Lisa. "As a non-traditional student, I was apprehensive about fitting in," she tells. "At Owens, I felt right at home." Lisa took advantage of one of the many articulation agreements Owens has with other colleges and universities-and seamlessly transferred her credits to a local university. In May 2002, she graduated with her Bachelor's degree, was hired to teach for Springfield Local school district and started in August at Crissey Elementary School.

As the third grade teacher to 22 students, Lisa has an incredible passion for education. "I love teaching and the unbelievable satisfaction it gives me," she says. In addition to teaching the three R's, Lisa's students benefit from her insightful approach. She strives to instill a love of learning while helping her students develop kindness and compassion for each other-and the importance of laughter. Also, as the daughter of Jean Holden-a Toledo music icon-Lisa brings her musical talents into the classroom.

Lisa encourages others to get as much education as they can because it is the key to opening career doors. Taking her own advice, she is at the halfway mark to completing her Master's degree. "I highly recommend the teaching profession," says Lisa, "and I urge students to begin at Owens." Coming from Lisa-that is a lesson well learned.

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