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Matt Elvey
Matt Elvey
Adjunct Faculty
2009 Graduate

"I never really enjoyed school until I started at Owens. The atmosphere was pleasant and I liked the instructors."

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Profile of Excellence: Matt Elvey
Owens Community College Alumnus

Matt Elvey grew up in Oregon, Ohio. He graduated from Clay High School in 2005. He didn't know what he wanted to do, but knew he needed to get a college degree.

After taking a year off and working, he decided to visit Owens. He enrolled and began taking general education credits.

"I wanted to go to Owens because it was local and affordable," said Elvey.

While at Owens, he began working at the Student Health and Activities Center (SHAC). He became more interested in healthy living and decided to become a personal trainer.

"I never really enjoyed school until I started at Owens. The atmosphere was pleasant and I liked the instructors," said Elvey.

After graduating with an Associate of Arts in May 2009, he earned his personal training certificate through World Instructor Training Schools.

Now he is an adjunct instructor at Owens and teaches Sports Conditioning. The class is designed for athletes or people interested in athletic training. He focuses on the proper way to work out with warm ups and cool downs, stretching routines, strength training and more.

He also works as a personal trainer at the SHAC. The service is offered to employees at Owens. He has the opportunity to work with clients on a one-on-one basis and in a group setting.

"Meeting new people is the great part of my job. I get to build relationships and help clients meet their goals. It is an honor to work with them as they start to see results," said Elvey.

In the future, Elvey plans on earning additional certificates so he can offer more training and eventually complete his bachelor's in exercise sciences or sports management.

His dream job is to work on strength training and conditioning with a college sports team. At the age of 22, he has a good start on that goal and enjoys working with the athletes, students and employees at Owens.

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