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Matt Feasel
Matt Feasel
Treasurer for Perrysburg Exempted Village Schools
Owens Community College
1982 Graduate

"My experience at Owens was wonderful. I enjoyed it so much and it has been great to see Owens grow over the years."

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Profile of Excellence:
Matt Feasel
Owens Community College Alumnus

Matt Feasel was a newlywed when he attended Owens Community College. It was hard for him to work full time, take evening classes and be away from his wife, Terri, and their two daughters, Lindsay and Meredith, but he is glad he made the sacrifice.

The Elmwood High School graduate chose Owens after he tried to enroll at a local university and found they were full. Instead he enrolled at Owens in the fall of 1978 as a Computer Programming major because it was a hot field and graduates could earn a good salary.

He attended school full time at first. While in school, Feasel was hired by the Wood County Auditor's Office. He then attended classes at night until his graduation from Owens in 1982.

"It was a tough transition to night classes. My daughters were young and it was hard to be away, but my wife and I made it work," said Feasel. After graduation, he continued to work for Wood County and was fortunate enough to work there as the office was computerized. Feasel helped to smooth the transition and learned a lot about public service and real estate taxes.

The computer programming and financial experience he gained on the job as Deputy Auditor led him to a different, but very successful career path. One day a friend mentioned that the Elmwood Board of Education was looking for a Treasurer. It was a great opportunity to maximize his knowledge of real estate taxes and long-range financial planning. Feasel started the job in November 1984.

After 10 years in the Elmwood School District, he decided to move to a larger district and accepted a job as Treasurer in the Fremont City School District. While in that position, he was also elected to the Elmwood Board of Education where he served for eight years. He was also a member of the Ohio Association of School Business Officials and held several positions including President.

Feasel eventually moved on to an even larger school district and was the Treasurer of Hilliard City Schools before accepting his current position as Treasurer for Perrysburg Exempted Village Schools. As the Treasurer for Perrysburg Schools, he is the fiscal officer for all the schools, which serve over 4,500 students. He is responsible for budgets totaling nearly $47 million.

"I love this position," said Feasel. "I have been in four different districts and this is my favorite."

Since graduation, Feasel has been able to visit Owens, the place where his career started.

"My experience at Owens was wonderful. I enjoyed it so much and it has been great to see Owens grow over the years," he said.

His youngest daughter, Elizabeth, took classes at Owens this past summer and he was able to visit the campus again. He has also been back for a district retreat and various meetings. These visits have given him the opportunity to see the changes on the Toledo-area Campus and Feasel has enjoyed watching his alma mater develop and expand.

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