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Sergeant Mark G. Wasylyshyn
Sergeant Mark G. Wasylyshyn
Perrysburg Police Division
1988 Owens Graduate

"Our Police Division utilizes Owens for training, and their state-of-the-art Homeland Training Center will be a tremendous asset to our preparedness."

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Profile of Excellence:
Sergeant Mark G. Wasylyshyn
Owens Community College Alumnus
Growing up, Mark Wasylyshyn always wanted to be a police officer. As a child, the Rossford native jumped at any chance to observe police officers. When Mark graduated from Owens Community College's Police Academy in 1988, he started living his dream.

Mark didn't immediately enroll at Owens after graduating high school. Instead, he attended Hillsdale College and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The decision to attend a four-year school was influenced by his close-knit family. The youngest son of a Ukrainian immigrant, Mark's father, an urologist, conveyed the importance of hard work, strong morals and values, along with education, to achieve success.

After graduation from Hillsdale, Mark started a rental property business with an old house in the Old West End. He invested his savings and a tremendous amount of sweat equity-and the business took off. Despite success, the dream of wearing a badge still lingered. It was Rossford Police Chief Matt Brichta that encouraged him to go to Owens.

"Owens' program was very user friendly," says Mark. "From the faculty to the cafeteria staff, everyone was helpful." Mark learned a great deal from the expert instructors, including experienced police officers, FBI agents and prosecutors. Mark graduated from Owens and was sworn in as a Lucas County special deputy under Sheriff Jim Telb.

He was hired as a part-time officer for Perrysburg Township, and in September 1990, Mark started as a full-time patrol officer with the City of Perrysburg.

In addition to patrol duties, in 1994 Mark was Perrysburg's first DARE Officer and instructed junior and senior high students to stay drug-free. In 1995, shifting gears to a younger audience, Mark became the Co-Director for the Safety Town program. In a partnership between Perrysburg Board of Education and the City of Perrysburg, this has proven effective in teaching kindergarten-aged children about safety. Today, Mark continues this role.

In 1998, he was promoted to Sergeant and became responsible for the Field Training program that Perrysburg utilizes to acclimate new officers. In this intensive, 12-20 week program for new officers, Mark monitors their progress and provides them with feedback. The program has proved to be an effective tool for producing better officers for the City.

Mark embraces countless opportunities to give back to his community. After 9/11, he traveled to New York to assist in the disaster recovery-which was a life-changing experience. "I realized that an unimaginable attack such as this could happen anywhere."

Citing the need for continuous professional improvement, Mark is always looking for ways to learn. "Our Police Division utilizes Owens for training," says Mark, "and their state-of-the-art Homeland Training Center will be a tremendous asset to our preparedness." The College will break ground on the new Fire and Police Training Center for Homeland Security next spring.

If you ask Mark where he sees his future, the answer has not changed since he was a boy-in Law Enforcement.

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