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Robin Kramer
Robin Kramer
Dental Hygienist
Toledo-Lucas County Health Department
Owens Graduate 1977

Randi Damman
Randi Damman
Realtor, Remax Preferred
Owens Graduate 1981

Ruth Oberdorf, RN
Ruth Oberdorf, RN
St. Charles Hospital and Traveling Nursing
Owens Graduate 1990, 1997

"We agree that we learned more professional knowledge at Owens, than any other university. With our combined 61 years of working, that says a lot."

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Profile of Excellence: The Oberdorf Sisters
Owens Community College Alumnae
This is a story about three sisters who made Owens Community College a family tradition. The "Oberdorf Sisters" agree on one topic-going to Owens was a great decision to share.

The oldest is Robin Kramer. During her senior year of high school, while evaluating her academic strengths, Robin discovered an aptitude for the medical field. She focused on dental hygiene and began college at Owens that summer.

Robin studied hard and met a lot of great friends. In 1977, two years after starting the program, she graduated with her Associate's Degree, passed her state exams and began working. Shortly after, Robin had completed her Bachelor's degree as well.

For over 26 years, Robin's successful career has spanned multiple family practices in two states. Today, she is a Dental Hygienist for Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. Her focus is increasing access to care for at-risk children who are plagued with tooth decay and have scarce resources.

The middle sister, Randi Damman, is 2 years younger than Robin. After high school, she enrolled at Owens in a health-related program. Then Randi decided she was better suited for computer programming. Initially the academic transition was difficult, and she often studied in the computer lab from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. - and occasionally left in tears. Her mother, Barb, encouraged her to persevere - and she did.

Just prior to graduation, Randi was hired as a computer programmer with Owens Illinois. In May 1981, she graduated with her Associate's Degree and then went on to complete her Bachelor's.

Randi has enjoyed a thriving 22-year career in the IT industry working for some of Toledo's largest corporations. Recently, she put her IT career on the back burner to become a realtor - where she's still using her IT skills to post listings and service her clients.

The youngest sister is Ruth Oberdorf, who is 7 years younger than Robin. Ruth worked a few years before starting college. When she enrolled in Business Management, she continued to work full time. She loved Owens and graduated with her Associate's Degree in 1990.

Ruth worked in corporate accounting positions, but her position at St. Charles Hospital led to a dramatic change. As Ruth worked throughout the hospital, she loved health care. When St. Charles offered reimbursement for health-related college tuition, Ruth wanted to take advantage of this program.

She returned to Owens for the registered nursing program. Before she knew it, Ruth was pinned and graduated in 1997 as a RN. Today, Ruth divides her time between St. Charles and visiting nursing assignments-in warm winter states. She sets her own schedule, picks her assignments, and has the flexibility to participate in mission trips to Honduras.

Robin, Randi and Ruth agree that their Owens' education was a great choice. They love their careers and the financial security it has afforded them. "We agree that we learned more professional knowledge at Owens, than any other university," they said. "With our combined 61 years of working, that says a lot."

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