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Patricia Page
Patricia Page
Security Officer
Owens Community College
1999 and 2002 Graduate

"I love being an Alumna of Owens. I have the opportunity to assist others in their life journey."

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Profile of Excellence: Patricia Page
Owens Community College Alumna
Patti Page graduated from Owens in 1999 with an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, majoring in Corrections. Today, Patti is a well-known icon on the Toledo campus as an Officer on Owens' Safety and Security force. "I love being an Alumna of Owens," says Patti. "I have the opportunity to assist others in their life journey."

Patti, one of twelve children, grew up in Toledo with her close-knit family. Her parents raised the children to work hard, be honest and always appreciate the gift of having each other. After high school, Patti married a man in the Army and traveled the United States. Ten years later she returned to her Toledo roots to raise her son. "I believe when one door closes, another opens," she said. "I have been lucky that the doors have always opened for me."

As most successful people will attest, luck is self-made, with the help of others. Her first job, an office assistant, was with Toledo Public School. One of Patti's former teachers told her about a position at Travelers Insurance. She was hired and began a very successful career in the insurance industry. Patti, through hard work and her positive attitude, worked her way up from the mailroom to where she doing personal lines rating for Travelers policyholders. From there, she transferred to Aetna Casualty, working as a claims adjuster and a subrogation specialist.

Subrogation sparked her interest in law enforcement as it gave her the opportunity to work closely with attorneys in investigation, litigation and collections on insurance claims. In 1997 a door opened and Patti followed her dream. "I was told that Owens Community College offered the program I wanted," tells Patti, "and their faculty was the best."

Patti began the Owens' Criminal Justice program, majoring in Corrections. Her goal was to work with at-risk adolescence sharing what she had learned from her strong family base.

In 1999 Patti's hard work paid off. She joined Owens Community College's Safety and Security force full time and she graduated with her Associate Degree. When she saw her name followed by "With Honors" it was a moment she will never forget. In Spring 2002, Patti completed the Ohio Peace Officers Academy. Then in Fall 2002, she received her second Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, with honors. Patti continues to work at Owens Community College and has been sworn in as a member of the Lucas County Sheriff Auxiliary.

Patti enjoys working at Owens. Not only is it the career she wanted, but it also gives her the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. She patrols the campus keeping everyone safe and doesn't miss an opportunity to help a student. Whether it is a word of advice or simply a good morning, she is there to help. "I just remind our students," she says, "if I can do it, they can do it!"

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