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Renita Robinson
Renita Robinson
Co-Director and Head Preschool Teacher
A Child's Way, Inc.
1997 Owens Graduate

"Making the choice to go to Owens Community College was the best decision I have ever made."

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Profile of Excellence: Renita Robinson
Owens Community College Alumna
Renita Robinson is a 1997 Owens Community College graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education Technology. Today, the Co-director and Head Preschool Teacher at A Child's Way describes her experience at Owens as a life-changing experience. "The names of my professors will stay with me forever," says Renita. "They changed my life."

In 1995, Renita was the mother of a two-year-old son and wanted a college education to provide for his future. She loved children and was inspired by her own son, so she decided to focus on early childhood education. Renita started at a large area university and said it was a disaster. "I was only a social security number at that college," she remembers. "They did not see me as a person." Renita saw an Owens Community College commercial and changed colleges. "Making the choice to go to Owens Community College was the best decision I have ever made," Renita says.

Renita's educational journey was greatly influenced by all of the Owens professors and instructors she encountered along the way, but one lab - "Principles of Education" taught by Janice Fellman - stands out. Renita describes Janice's energy and enthusiasm as contagious. She demonstrated how to be a highly energized teacher that resulted in preschool students thirsting to learn more. Renita found her role model and fashioned her techniques and styles after Janice.

After completing her student teaching at Toledo Day Nursery, Renita graduated from Owens Community College with her degree. Initially, she took a teaching position at a local childcare chain and found its focus was on quantity of children and not quality of instruction. Renita's creativity was stifled and she began looking for a child-centered, family-focused environment. When Renita saw the sign for A Child's Way, which was then under construction, the name said it all. She set up an interview with the owner, Marie Cropper. Renita, armed with her extensive portfolio of accomplishments, lesson plans and activities she developed while at Owens, was hired on the spot. A Child's Way opened one month later.

Renita began as an Infant Assistant in the brand new facility. As she describes it, "A Child's Way gave me the wings to fly." In the last five years, both Renita and A Child's Way have soared. Today, Renita is the Co-Director and Head Preschool Teacher for the program. In June 2001, A Child's Way received their accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children and Renita played a part in achieving this goal.

On any given day, Renita can be found inspiring her preschool students or supporting other teachers that are going on to college. She loves to tell people to believe in themselves and they can fly and succeed. By putting that philosophy into practice, since Renita's graduation from Owens Community College, her feet have barely touched the ground.

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