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Regina Woodson
Regina Woodson
Registered Nurse
2005 Owens Graduate

"Once I got to Owens, I was overwhelmed by the support. I felt like I could do anything."

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Profile of Excellence:
Regina Woodson
Owens Community College Alumna

Regina Woodson, a 2005 Owens Community College alumna and 1995 Woodward High School graduate, always thought she'd be a teacher.

"I like helping people learn," she said. "I've always been a very positive person and I was really convinced that one day I'd be a teacher."

Life can take interesting turns.

While working as a nursing assistant in 1997, a patient told Regina that she'd be a wonderful nurse due to her positive attitude and constant smile. Years later, she became a medical assistant and was reminded again of what that patient had said to her so long ago.

Regina, inspired by that patient, decided to enroll in a Nursing program at an area four-year university in 2001. One semester later, she enrolled instead at Owens.

"The four-year university was too large and I felt like I was just a number," she said. "I had heard about the small class sizes and personal attention at Owens so thought I'd check it out."

She added, "Once I got to Owens, I was overwhelmed by the support. I felt like I could do anything. I received so much personal attention. Instructors knew who I was and I could go to them with any questions or concerns I had."

Regina graduated from Owens Community College in December 2005 with an associate's degree in Registered Nursing. In August 2006, she registered at a small, area four-year university to continue her journey and obtain a bachelor's degree in Registered Nursing.

In addition to being a part-time student, Regina works at Med1Care in Perrysburg as an R.N. There, she spends most of her time caring for and accessing Mental Retardation Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) patients.

Regina, who's long-term plan includes obtaining her master's degree in Registered Nursing and someday opening an educational clinic that would cater to young women, appreciates the many opportunities an Owens education has provided.

"My time at Owens was so amazing," she said. "I think I'll always feel like Owens is behind me, pushing me to do my best. There's almost no way for you not to succeed at Owens. I believe in Owens so much. I would shout it from the rooftops."

Regina's hobbies include reading and volunteering. She is involved with HeadStart and hopes to also volunteer with Polly Fox Academy in the near future. Regina resides in Toledo with her husband, Troy Sr., and their four children, Troy Jr. (11), Diamond (8), Antonio (7) and Breanna (6).

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