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Sue Litten
Sue Litten
MRI Senior/Supervisor Technologist
1979 Owens Graduate

"I want to give back to the College and the community. I want to help spread the word about Owens."

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Profile of Excellence:
Sue Litten
Owens Community College Alumna
Sue Litten, a 1979 Owens Community College alumna and Director on the Owens Community College Alumni Association Board, always knew she wanted to go into the medical field.

"I had a great grandmother I looked after when I was younger," Sue said. "I enjoyed taking care of her and thought it was a very rewarding experience. Medicine was my first love. It was my calling."

A Toledo native and 1975 Rogers High School graduate, Sue enrolled in a medical technology program at an area four-year university right out of high school. She soon realized, though, that she did not particularly care for the program or school she was attending.

She enrolled in Owens' Medical Imaging program in 1976 and earned her associate's degree in Radiography in 1979. That same year, she was hired as a radiologic technologist at St. Luke's Hospital in Maumee.

Like many Owens alumni, however, Sue still craved more in her professional life.

"I wasn't happy just staying where I was," she said. "I wanted to keep going. I wanted to learn more and become knowledgeable in specialized areas."

Sue decided to look into computer axial tomography (CAT Scan) - a specialized area of radiography that had never before been utilized at St. Luke's. She soon became board certified and interviewed for one of two new computed tomography positions at St. Luke's.

She served in that capacity for 18 years before her curiosity and drive got the best of her once again.

"Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was up and coming," Sue said. "I was interested in learning that as well, so I went down to St. Vincent's in Toledo and did some observations on my own time. I had taken my boards in radiology and CAT Scan and still felt I wanted to do more."

The Radiology Department at St. Luke's started offering MRI in 1998. At that time, Sue was one of three certified specialists chosen to administer the new technology.

Today, she serves as an MRI Senior/Supervisor Technologist, where her responsibilities include performing MRI/technical procedures and supervising the department. In addition, she serves as a Part-time Faculty Member at Owens, acting as a Lab Assistant and Instructor in Imaging Technologies.

"I feel like I've come full circle back to the place that helped me begin my professional journey," Sue said. "My experience at Owens was wonderful. It was a great transition from high school."

She added, "I want to give back to the College and the community. I want to help spread the word about Owens."

Sue is actively involved in her community serving as chair for the Ways & Means Committee for the Maumee High School band. She has three children - two of which currently attend Owens - and resides with her husband in Maumee. She enjoys reading, organizing and planning, gardening and shopping.

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