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Tom Daniels

Tom Daniels
Vice President of Learning and Development
1993 Graduate

"It took many years and lots of hard work to get my associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees. Owens started me on this path."

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Profile of Excellence:
Tom Daniels
Owens Community College Alumnus

Thomas Daniels attended five high schools in three states. He graduated from Perrysburg High School in 1990. From that experience, he learned a lot about meeting new people and getting along with others - which has come in handy during his career.

After high school, Daniels began working third shift at Foodtown. After six months, he recognized a college degree was necessary for his long term career. He enrolled in the mechanical engineering program at Owens Community College.

He took night classes so he could work and pay for his own tuition. During his second semester at Owens, he took his first mechanical engineering class and discovered it wasn't for him.

He transferred into the marketing and sales program and loved it. With the help of several great professors, he graduated from Owens in three years. He decided to finish his bachelor's at a local university. After enrolling, he got a surprise call from a local direct mail company. He hadn't sent his resume to them, but the J.O.B.S. office at Owens had.

He got the job and started working on his bachelor's degree right away. At first he was only able to take one class a semester. He persevered, tried several programs and found the right fit for his life and schedule. He graduated with his bachelor's degree in 1998.

"It wasn't until I finished my bachelor's that I reconnected with my childhood desire to be teacher. I remembered my passion and started to work to find a way to incorporate my desire to teach and help others with my degree in business," said Daniels.

He began a career at TNS in market research and earned his master's degree in organizational development.

Just recently promoted to the position of Vice President of Learning and Development at TNS, he has found his perfect job. He leads a team that facilitates training and development for TNS employees in the United States and Canada.

Today, Daniels is still involved at Owens. He is an active member of the Alumni Association, a mentor for current students and on the advisory committee for the School of Business and Information Systems.

"My career path wasn't straight, but it has been a great journey. I am proud of where I am today. It took many years and lots of hard work to get my associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees. Owens started me on this path," said Daniels.

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