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Tamela L. Druckenmiller
Tamela L. Druckenmiller
Vice President and Trust Officer
Employee Benefit Trust
Fifth Third Bank
1982 Owens Graduate

"When I graduated from Owens, I was a different person. I had complete confidence in my ability to succeed."

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Profile of Excellence: Tamela L. Druckenmiller
Owens Community College Alumna
Tammy Druckenmiller is a Vice President and Trust Officer for Employee Benefit Trust at Fifth Third Bank. In this position, she personally services a $180 million slice of Fifth Third's trust portfolio. Once described as extremely shy, today the 1982 Owens Community College graduate is anything but timid. "When I graduated from Owens, I was a different person," says Tammy. "I had complete confidence in my ability to succeed."

Prior to graduating from Whitmer High School, Tammy met with her guidance counselor to determine what would be her next step. Still undecided, Tammy's father really wanted her to go to college and thought Owens Community College would be a good fit for his daughter. "After I did my homework, Owens was an easy choice," Tammy said.

Acknowledging the affordable tuition and available financial grants, Tammy said the true draw was the small class size. Her high school graduating class had over 850 people, but at Owens, she was one of just 40 students enrolled in her degreed program. Surrounded by fewer people, she started becoming more outgoing and making more friends. Academically, Tammy had easy access to her professors and one-on-one attention.

Tammy graduated from Owens with her Associate of Applied Business Degree in Accounting Technology and took advantage of Owens' 2 + 2 program, which allowed her to transfer all her credits to a local four-year university. Two years later, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Services.

Tammy's first position was at First Federal of Toledo as a teller. Within six months, she was promoted to their Trust Department and then became the Operations Manager for the $20 million department. When a position opened at Fifth Third in their trust area, Tammy made the move. She first was the Assistant Manager of their Retirement Services area, which handled Fifth Third's portfolio of $1 billion.

Once on the Fifth Third team, Tammy was on a fast track, with promotions coming almost every two years. Her job responsibility increased, but her concentration continued in the retirement area. By January 2000, Tammy was made a Vice President and Trust Officer for Employee Benefit Trust.

In her current position, Tammy is personally responsible for overseeing the administration of Fifth Third retirement plans for some of their top clients. Two of those have over 1,400 employees. When these are combined with her other clients, she services around 5,000 participants and represents about 30 plans. Additionally, Tammy is a Certified Retirement Services Professional, a national certification.

Tammy still appreciates her Owens Community College experience and how much she felt part of the College. She was transformed as a college student and graduated a much different person. "I am a huge Owens fan," she says, "and cannot wait for my children to have the same advantage."

After seeing great results for his daughter, Tammy says her father still tells everyone that they should go to Owens. Sounds like father knows best!

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