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Tom Perin

Tom Perin
Director, Organizational Performance and Accountability
Owens Community College
2002 Graduate

"Knowing I played a small part in our students success as I watch them graduate and begin new careers, is an awesome feeling."

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Profile of Excellence:
Tom Perin
Owens Community College Alumnus

Tom Perin is currently on his third career and despite enjoying every job, is sure he saved the best for last.

He started straight out of high school in manufacturing and with hard work and drive, he moved up the ranks to eventually supervise over 700 employees as a Manufacturing Plant Supervisor.

Even though he was good at his job and had achieved success in his career, it wasn't exactly what he was looking for.

He decided to take a risk and become an entrepreneur. He bought a casual dining restaurant and was his own boss for ten years. While he enjoyed the business, he didn't want to maintain the long hours for the rest of his career.

He decided to go back to school at Owens Community College studying education. After graduating from Owens in December 2002, he began taking classes at Northwestern State University. He had such good grades there that he was allowed to work for his master's through the University of Findlay and finish his bachelor's at the same time.

It was a lot to handle, going to two schools full time and owning his own business, but his dedication got him through. He discovered that education was his passion.

When he realized that he wanted to teach, he knew coming to his alma mater to become an adjunct faculty member in the Business program at Owens was the right decision for him.

"Knowing I played a small part in our students success as I watch them graduate and begin new careers, is an awesome feeling," said Perin.

When he decided to sell his restaurant and spend more time in higher education, a position opened up at Owens. His experience with quality control and efficiency in manufacturing and his love of higher education and Owens made the job a perfect fit.

He is now the Director of Organizational Performance and Accountability. He works on the Academic Quality Improvement Program for the College, which supports continuous performance improvement in higher education and provides an alternative process for Owens to maintain their regional accreditation.

"Maybe it is because I am an alum, but I am proud of what we are and what we stand for at Owens. I see this whenever I visit with people from other colleges and universities," said Perin.

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