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Tammi Zachrich
Tammi Zachrich
Class Representative
Owens Community College
2004 Graduate

"Owens gave me many opportunities to mature and grow beyond my dreams. The experience has made a difference in my life, for my family and myself."

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Profile of Excellence:
Tammi Zachrich
Owens Community College Alumna
Tammi Zachrich was selected as the Owens Community College 2004 Class Representative and addressed over 600 graduates during the Spring Commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 13th. She graduated with Honors and an Associate of Applied Science Degree, majoring in Medical Imaging Technology - Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Tammi credits Owens with giving her the tools and knowledge to make her career dream a reality. However, on a more personal level, she thinks an Owens clinical lab experience may have saved her life.

After graduating from Ayersville High School in 1990, Tammi married her high school sweetheart, Monti, and they focused on starting a family together. In their beginning years, they welcomed the birth of three children-Preston, Kayla and Austin. While the children were small, Tammi worked part-time jobs to supplement the family income and to provide a stable atmosphere for the family.

In 1996, Tammi was working the registration desk at the hospital in Defiance, Ohio. It was a third-shift, part-time position that allowed her to be home during the day with her children. The devoted mother adjusted her sleeping pattern to fit her family's challenging schedule. During the next three years, Tammi lived life in a split schedule and dreamed of something more.

"Everyone has a dream," says Tammi. "The journey isn't always perfect or smooth, but it is our dream. And what each of us makes of our dream is what matters."

Tammi chose Owens Community College to pursue her dream-a career in the Ultrasound profession. Her choice has paid off ten-fold, both professionally and personally.

During Anatomy lab, while evaluating resting and activity states of the heart, other students and the instructor realized that Tammi had an irregular wave pattern. From there, her physician and a cardiologist evaluated her. Within a few weeks, she underwent heart ablation where pieces of her heart were burnt to correct the electrical conductivity. At Owens, this clinical lab realization translated into a life-saving experience for Tammi.

While at Owens, Tammi transformed from a shy, quiet student to a confident public speaker. As an advocate for promoting higher education and the health care field, Tammi has served as a speaker for the College's "Care Fair for Health" event and recently presented a case study on Pheochromocytomas at the Toledo Diagnostic Ultrasound Symposium to hundreds of sonographers and physicians.

Tammi credits her educational success to her supportive family and friends, as well as the College's faculty and staff. "My Ultrasound instructors-Sue Perry and Carol Ghareeb-believed in me when I had my moments of doubt," Tammi remembers. "Along with Karen Laston and Terri Swint, who supported me through challenging clinicals."

"Owens gave me many opportunities to mature and grow beyond my dreams," she says. "The experience has made a difference in my life, for my family and myself."

As a 2004 Spring graduate, Tammi begins her career as a sonographer at the Defiance Regional Medical Center and Owens Community College proudly welcomes another shining star into its alumni family.

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