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     Wesley Grieger

Wesley Grieger
Physical Therapist Assistant, Toledo Orthopedic Surgeons
2007 Physical Therapist Assistant Graduate

"I was fortunate to have a job lined up before I even graduated."

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Profile of Excellence:
Wesley Grieger
Owens Community College Alumnus

Wes Grieger grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and was always interested in science. After high school he earned his bachelor's degree in secondary education and planned on becoming a science teacher.

He graduated in 2002 when teaching jobs were in short supply. He landed a job teaching summer school, but was unable to find a full-time position in the area.

Eventually, he turned his part-time college job at a factory into a full-time job. It paid the bills, but he didn't love what he was doing.

After getting married and buying a house, he realized he didn't want to work at a factory forever. He needed to make a change.

He had been a physical therapy patient in the past and the field always interested him. He decided to look into the physical therapist assistant program at Owens Community College.

"I just finished paying off my student loans and I was pleased that Owens was affordable," said Grieger.

In 2005, he enrolled in the program. He was able to transfer many of the credits from his bachelor's degree and didn't need to take all of the prerequisites required for his core classes.

"During my last semester at Owens, I did a clinical rotation that turned into a full-time job offer. I was fortunate to have a job lined up before I even graduated," said Grieger.

He worked as a physical therapy aid until he graduated and passed the licensure exam. After that, he was hired on as physical therapist assistant.

Grieger works in a team environment under a physical therapist and carries out the plan of care for patients.

"It is a great fit for me. It is rewarding to help people heal and see their progress. I go home and know that my hard work made a difference in people's lives," said Grieger.

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