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Wayne Seely
Wayne Seely
Criminal Justice Instructor
1975 Owens Graduate

'The small classes were great. Owens brought in experts to teach specialized topics. One such expert, an FBI agent, had instant credibility.'

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Profile of Excellence: Wayne Seely
Owens Community College Alumnus
Wayne Seely, Criminal Justice Instructor at Owens Community College, teaches four basic principles to his students-complete your education, accept every career opportunity presented to you, concentrate on doing your personal best on each job and strive to get along with your peers.

"If you follow these rules in life, the possibilities are endless," he says. "People will seek you out for counsel and advice." Wayne Seely learned these lessons in the "real world" and these principles describe his life's journey-one that has now brought him full circle.

Wayne began his law enforcement career in the mid '70s as a Sylvania City Police Officer. After joining the force, he began taking classes at a local university. However, he grew frustrated with their "cattle-call" registration process and core courses that were full. These frustrations led him to Owens Community College. "I heard about Owens. It took me five minutes to register, one minute to park, and before I knew it, I was in class," laughs Wayne.

As Wayne remembers, "The small classes were great. Owens brought in experts to teach specialized topics. One such expert, an FBI agent, had instant credibility." Working on the police force and taking classes at Owens simultaneously "meant I could apply the knowledge I learned in the classroom that same day. In real time."

Wayne graduated from Owens with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice and transferred all his credits to the University of Toledo, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 1980. By then, Wayne had been promoted to Sergeant in charge of the Detective Bureau in Sylvania. Beginning early in his career, Wayne seized every new opportunity. "I wanted to take advantage of every chance that came my way. I developed an extensive range of knowledge coupled with a broad base of contacts."

Wayne's next promotion was to Wauseon's Chief of Police. "Wauseon was a great community and I had the privilege of serving there for seven years. I loved that job," states Wayne. Still having strong ties to the Sylvania community, Wayne returned in 1998 to become the Police Chief for Sylvania Township. Wayne explains, "I had the chance to use the sum total of my professional career-the education, contacts and life lessons with some of the finest officers in the country."

After three years as Police Chief for Sylvania Township, Wayne's life-long passion of teaching others brought him back to where the journey started. Owens Community College has a long-history of training law enforcement officers and a premier program that is rated sixth in the nation. In August 2001, Wayne Seely came "home."

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