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Outstanding 2012 Police Officer Award
Zachary Zender, Deputy Sheriff, Sandusky County Sheriff's Office

Zachary Zender, Deputy Sheriff, Sandusky County Sheriff's Office
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On September 28, 2011, Deputy Sheriff Zachary Zender was on patrol in Ballville Township, Sandusky County. At 12:45 a.m., Deputy Zender spotted a house on fire in a rural area. He had the dispatcher contact the fire department, while he attempted to alert the residents by pounding on the front and back doors of the residence.

Unable to wake the residents, Deputy Zender kicked the door open and found that the house was starting to fill with smoke from the fire, which had started in the garage. He searched the home and found two children, ages 9 and 5, sleeping in a bedroom. Deputy Zender identified himself to the adult male homeowner who was not aware of the fire. Deputy Zender then carried the two still-sleeping children to safety, while the homeowner woke an adult in another bedroom.

After the two children and two adults were safely outside the house, Ballville Township firefighters arrived, extinguished the fire and saved the home. Thanks to Deputy Zender’s quick action, none of the four residents suffered any injuries.

If not for the heroic actions of Deputy Zachary Zender, it is very possible the family would not have survived.

~ Nominated by Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt
Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office

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