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  Special memories

Be a part of the 40th anniversary celebration!

We invite current students, alumni, employees and community members to submit their favorite memories of Owens by filling out the online special memories form. Your response could be published on the website to allow everyone to read and share in your special memories.

Share your memories

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Debbie Green
Employee & Former Student

As a student, I remember the cafeteria being in what is now the Disability Services Office of Alumni Hall. Back then the building was called the SAC - Student Activities Center - and basketball was played in there. I also remember learning to type on a typewriter and learning shorthand.

As an employee (the first time) I remember working in the old barracks buildings which were originally officers quarters. That meant that there were several kitchens and bathrooms as each individual townhouse-type apartment was a fully-functional home. We used to store stuff in the bathtubs since no one was interested in taking a bath at work! I also remember the first pedestrian bridge being put together across the road and the O's being put on top of the Health Technologies Building. Those O's came from the original Owens-Illinois building downtown and the marble benches located around campus came from them also. I also remember the softball game challenge between the Health Tech Trekkies and the See Pirates (Administration Hall was formerly called the See Center). I don't recall who won but I remember it was a lot of fun!

Jenn Perko

My special memory is moving out of my "office" aka the hall closet!!! It was apparent to me my first day of work at how fast Owens is growing!

Kylee Broughton

My special memories revolve around the student newspaper, The Outlook. As the advisor, I'm allowed the honor of really getting to know the students on a personal level. I've been blown away by their tenacity, inquisitiveness and joyfulness. It has been my pleasure to have had them in my life.

John Aleksander

One of the most lasting memories I have of my years at Owens was watching the "Big O's" being placed atop of the Health Technologies building by helicopter in 1979. An incredible sight that to me seemed to solidify the identity of the College.

Darla Greer

My first full-time position here at the College was as Department Secretary for the Dental Hygiene and Radiology Chairmen, Pauline Schmidt and Linda Myers. Health Technologies Hall was brand new and so were both programs. I remember spending quite a bit of time in those dental chairs. It was exciting to be a part of the graduation ceremony held two years later for both of the first graduating classes.

From 1980-81 I worked for Win Sturgeon as a temporary secretary for Placement and Testing. The office was located next to the Admissions Office in the old army barricks. I remember thinking it was strange having a bathtub/shower in a public bathroom. Two of Win's previous secretary's left because they became pregnant. Rumor was that it was the secretarial chair in the office to blame. I decided there might be some truth to that rumor when I also became pregnant.

I have seen the College grow over the last 30 years from four buildings to the wonderful campus it is today and have enjoyed being part of it.

Louise Estep

My special memories include getting to know many of the very special people who have been (or still are) part of the Owens Family. They are the reason for the success of the students and the College.

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