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Kristin Oneail
Employee & Former Student

I am proud to say that I was a student and received my Associate Degree from Owens Technical College (boy, that sounds funny and seems like a lifetime ago) and currently am honored to teach in the same program as a Clinical Instructor. I believed then as I do now that Owens Nursing students are the most prepared when they graduate from the program. I see alot of students at the hospital and Owens students never cease to impress me. I wouldn't want to work for anyone else as an instructor. Thank you for the opportunity!!!!!

Rose Marie Kuceyeski
Employee & Former Student

When I returned to Owens in 1985 as a faculty member, the Secretarial Department taught Gregg shorthand and typing on selectric typewriters. Today we teach keyboarding on personal computers, and we no longer teach any form of shorthand or notehand. Instead, we emphasize using the laptop for notetaking during meetings. Now we are called the office administration program, and we recently implemented a virtual assistant certificate.

From teaching typing on a typewriter to teaching keyboarding online demonstrates the change that has occurred in education and specifically in office administration. The emphasis in the virtual assistant certificate truly epitomizes the direction technology has taken in the office administration area. From Owens Technical College to Owens Community College--from face-to-face classroom instruction to the option of online instruction--from typewriters to virtual assistants. What's next?

Sandra Laas

Although recently retired (May 2005), I have many fond memories of Owens Community College. I was actually interviewed by President Jacob See in his office, which was located in the former Rossford Army Depot, known as the Barracks.

The only classroom we had for the Secretarial Department was College Hall 208 with twelve workstations with selectric typewriters. We progressed to IBM Magnetic Card typewriters and then memory typewriters, which was the introduction to Word Processing. This is just one example of change that has been implemented in the office administration program, which today is a thriving career option. The curriculum has not remained stagnant but has kept pace with technology and employer/community needs.

We are proud of our many successful graduates--many of whom are employed at Owens Community College. I am proud to have been a member of the faculty in Office Administration.

Sarah Metzger

I attended my first Commencement ceremony at Owens in December 2003. As the Secretary to the Board of Trustees, I sat on stage and so got a close-up look at the graduates as they received their diplomas and crossed the stage to cheers from their family, friends and classmates. The energy in the crowd and among the students was electric. Some students may have been the first in their family to graduate from college, others who went back to school after raising a family or because they need a new career path. As a newcomer to higher education, that Commencement ceremony helped me to truly understand the very special, vital and unique role that community colleges have in this community and elsewhere.

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