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Lorraine Wright

The recent demolition of the schools I attended in Dayton led me to wonder if other sites of my youth still existed, so I performed an online search for the address where I and my family lived in the early 1960's: 30165 Oregon Road in Perrysburg. That address doesn't exist anymore, but it led me to a nearby address: Owens Community College.

My discovery coincides with your fortieth anniversary celebration. I was amazed to see in your Photo Scrapbook pictures of the apartment buildings we called home being used as facilities for the school! I've learned from your Website that the opening of Penta County Technical School coincided with my family's departure from northwest Ohio.

The buildings Owens students and faculty nicknamed "The Barracks" is where my parents and my 3 siblings and I, and 17 other families, lived in the early years of my life. My father was a career Army man, and after 3 years in Germany we returned stateside, to an assignment near Toledo.

My mom tells me the apartments were officers' quarters before they became privatized apartments. They were like today's townhouses. I never realized they were ever military housing. My family was the only military family there.

She told me the nearby former Rossford Army Depot was used for awhile by the Heinz Company to process tomatoes.

It was a neat place to live as a little kid--out in the middle of those cornfields! I have great memories of running around in the fields, skating on a nearby pond, nighttime corn roasts of corn from my dad's garden at the depot fenceline, and learning to ride a bike in the complex parking lot.

I hope to visit Perrysburg again, and see just how much those cornfields have changed. Best wishes and congratulations on your 40th Anniversary!
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