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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


President's Conference Room
May 1, 2007

Present: Paul Adams, Tom Perin, Marc Levy, Karen Reed, Dave Matheny, Randy Wharton, and Dawn Wetmore.
Absent: Jason Tetzloff

Tom Perin welcomed those present to the meeting and introductions were made. Tom provided an overview of how the monthly meetings will be conducted including review of each action project. The minutes from the March 28th meeting were approved as read.

The members of action projects #1 and #2 have almost completed their PM training and are working on their projects. Teams 1 and 2 have completed approximately 25-30% of their action projects. The members of project #3 will complete their process management (PM) training soon.

Action step #3, Information Systems Project (ISP), was reviewed. Randy Wharton is the advocate of the project and Pat Jezak is champion. There currently are four smaller projects within project #3; those four may be broken further (1,000 acre - 100 acre - 10 acre - 1 acre). The question was raised as to the order in which the current projects will be completed. Steps 1 and 3 have to be completed before steps 2 and 4 can be started. There must be safeguards in place to prevent conflict of interests during step one, the independent audit. Auditors will review the entire ITS department including hardware, software, and staffing levels. Cost of the audit was discussed; Tom has received a verbal commitment to proceed with writing the RFP for the audit. Tom will keep this committee up to date on their progress.

Dawn Wetmore, advocate on project #1, Assessment of Student Learning, provided an update on her team. Her team also broke the project into four smaller projects. The team will meet to select members for the sub teams. Dawn's team has elected not to use the PM model as everything is in progress and data collection is ongoing. Dawn provided information on the Student Success Plan, a state mandated plan to show our student outcome data. The Ohio Board of Regents requires that the data be posted on the Owens Web site the later part of May. The site will have links on the main page that will direct individuals to our student retention plan, programs, and data collected. Tom and Dawn will work on cross-linking the Student Success page with the AQIP page.

Tom provided an e-mail update from Jason Tetzloff, advocate of project #2, showing how the project is broken into teams and who is on the teams.

When Tom attended the HLC conference in Chicago, HLC suggested that projects be no longer than 3 years. If a project is stalled, retire and select another. HLC is stressing the importance of communication, and visuals for everyone on campus. Teams need to involve and embrace the campus and stress the importance of the accreditation process. Tom asked for thoughts on how to showcase AQIP and help draw individuals into the program. At this point, AQIP information is available on the Internet and Intranet both; sites include links to the projects, committee members, minutes, purpose, and other pertinent information. Dawn suggested that posters for each action project be made available for the college's opening day. Posters can include the Project Idea, team members, and progress made.

The history of previous teams was discussed. Teams were created, addressed issues affecting the college, and recommended course of action. We need to identify if their recommendations were carried out. Tom Reed, as a member of the Leadership Academy, is working on collecting the data. He is working to identify teams, their goal, their results, recommendations implemented/not implemented, and a contact person who would be able to answer questions.

Karen Reed asked about the presentation Tom offers to departments which states that 97 recommendations have been implemented. Where are the recommendations identified, are they important, and why were they selected over the other recommendations? Tom will work on identifying the recommendations.

Next meeting will be in approximately one month.