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Web Course Textbooks

Textbooks are required for Owens web courses. You can see the book list and order textbooks online at the online bookstore for Toledo or the online bookstore for Findlay. You must purchase or order your textbook from the campus where your course originates:

Odd-numbered sections = Findlay Campus Bookstore (Example - PSY101-225)
Even-numbered sections = Toledo Campus Bookstore (Example PSY101-226)

Please note that each campus bookstore stocks only enough books for their web course sections, so once again, it is important that you obtain your book from the correct campus. If you do not live close to the campus where your web course originates, you can have the textbook shipped to your home.

Toledo Campus Bookstore - 1-800-466-9367 ext. 7306
Findlay Campus Bookstore - 1-800-466-9367

Access Codes

Some web course sites require a special pin or access code to access additional publisher content within the course site. These access codes are typically bundled with a new, shrink-wrapped version of the textbook that is purchased at one of the campus bookstores. You may need this code the first time you try to access publisher content in your course site. Not all web courses require an access code. If you purchased a used textbook and discover you need an additional access code, you may be able to purchase one online. Check with your instructor.

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