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Tuition & Fees

To help reduce the time and cost of achieving an associate degree, we've created a Tuition Guarantee that locks in tuition for three years, or until completion of your degree, whichever comes first, for students taking at least 15 credit hours. Our goal is to help you get into the workforce or transfer more quickly, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. More information about this exciting program is available at

The College reserves the right to make adjustments in tuition and fees, specifically, instructional fees, general fees, laboratory fees and other mandatory and optional fees, when deemed necessary and without advance notice. In addition, any expense that the College incurred in pursuit of collecting any outstanding balance will be assessed to the student account.


Required Fees
Academic Support Service Fee $110.00
Academic Technology Fee No charge for 0-5.999 credit hours
$9.00/credit hour for 6 or more credit hours
Administrative Technology Fee No charge for 0-5.999 credit hours
$19.00/credit hour for 6 or more credit hours
Application Fee $20.00
Computer Usage Fee No charge for 0-5.999 credit hours
$6.00/credit hour for 6 or more credit hours
Laboratory Fees Vary by course
New Student Orientation Fee $65.00
Registration Fee $25.00/semester registration between .001 and 12.000 credit hours
No charge for 12.001 or more credit hours
Student Engagement Fee No charge for 0-5.999 credit hours
$4.50/credit hour for 6 or more credit hours
Transportation and Parking Fee
No permit will be issued.
No charge for 0-3 credit hours
$15.00 for 4-9 credit hours
$18.00 for 10 or more

Optional (non-refundable) Fees
Placement Retest Fee
(minimum per test)
Proficiency Examination
(per course)
Work Experience Waiver
(per course)
NSF check fee (per check) $30
Replacement Owens Express Card (ID Card) $15
Registration Re-admittance $150
Deferred Payment Plan Fee $25
Deferred Payment Plan Late Fee $30
Late Registration Fee (Fall and Spring Semesters) $50

Michigan Residents

Under certain circumstances, students who are residents of Monroe County, Michigan may qualify for in-state tuition. The terms of the Reciprocal Agreement with Monroe County Community College and the required application process are detailed in the Policies and Procedures section of the college catalog. All Monroe County residents should apply for reciprocity in the Records Office.
Go to the Reciprocity-Monroe County Residents form.

Ohio Residency

Students who are not considered residents of the State of Ohio are charged nonresident tuition rates by the college in accordance with Ohio Board of Regents Residency Rule 3333-1-10. Complete this application if you are currently classified as a nonresident and are requesting a change to Ohio residency status because you meet one of the criteria for this status.

Go to the Ohio Residency for Tuition Application form.

Delinquent Account Policy

A student will not be able to register for a future semester until all prior balances have been paid in full or approved payment arrangements have been made. Official transcripts are withheld if all obligations to the College, financial or otherwise, are not fulfilled.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 131.02, Owens Community College is required to send past due balances to the Ohio Attorney General's Office for collection. The student is responsible to reimburse Owens Community College the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, Owens Community College may incur in such collection efforts as permitted under Ohio Law as established by the Ohio Attorney General.

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