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“The overall website was very informative and easy to use. It covered all aspects of the job search process. Very well done. I will definitely use the information in this site.”

“Having never done this kind of interactive studying it took me a little longer to complete but I enjoyed the tracks.”

“I found the modules to be very informative and helpful. I would like to know if Leeward has a career networking group on campus and if they do how do I get involved. Thank You”

“I really enjoyed the activities because it puts the material in perspective to real life situations.”

“The organization and repetition of the whole presentation was very good. Honestly, I thought each section was helpful. I knew the majority of the information already, but the things I know I'm sure others wouldn't and the things I didn't know, I'm sure others did.”

  “I’m very grateful that I took part in this activity because
    it’s a great experience for me which I never had a real
      job or interview before. I saved mostly every detail/info
                           so I can learn from them and apply them to
                            myself when I start o look for my
                              summer job and my future career. ”