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Regional Fire Service Consortium

The Regional Fire Service Consortium is a 12-month program of fire training classes. The partnership has been developed to address the professional fire service training requirements in northwest Ohio in an affordable and timely manner.

Committed to the highest standards of public safety, this training opportunity is offered in accordance with NFPA standards. Membership in the Regional Fire Service Consortium allows agencies to send their firefighters to any of the monthly training sessions and control their cost of training.

Topics include:

  • Mass casualty/triage
  • Tanker truck fires
  • Search and rescue
  • Live-fire training

The cost of membership is based on department station size.

Law Enforcement Professional Development Training Consortium

The consortium was developed in 2013 to address the training requirements of law enforcement agencies in Northwest Ohio and the surrounding regions.

The consortium’s philosophy is to provide quality training designed to meet the unique needs of the region and to do so in a fiscally responsive manner.

Membership authorizes sworn and non-sworn officers along with the appropriate agency administrative personnel, communications personnel and correctional personnel to attend training. During the one-year membership, the consortium provides 208 hours of training to the departments. Authorized personnel may attend trainings as they are offered.

The annual cost is based on department size, not per person attending training.