BIO 212 - Anatomy and Physiology II
A continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I, this course discusses life functions necessary to move, control, regulate and reproduce the human body. Nervous system, endocrine system and sense organs illustrate the control and regulation of the body. This course also offers an integrated discussion of human development and genetics. This course may not be taken concurrently with BIO 211. Students retaking this course must repeat both the lab and lecture. (Science Elective)
Co-requisite: NONE
Prerequisite: BIO 211
Credits: 0 to 4(Lec: 0 to 3 Lab: 0 to 3)
School: Sci Techn Eng & Math
Department: Life and Natural Sciences
Attributes: General Elective

Version: 3.2 (12/18/2008)

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