EET 250 - Biomedical Instrumentation I
Studies various aspects of biomedical technology including the BMET (Biomedical Equipment Technician) as a career, electrical safety, health care familiarization and medical terminology. Emphasis is on sensing and monitoring of bioelectric and physiological potentials. Includes cardiovascular instruments, biotelemetry, defibrillators, respiratory, neurological, surgical, neonatal and fetal monitoring, and other life-support and life-saving instruments in the biomedical field. The co-op (internship) gives the student experience with each of the instruments covered.
Co-requisite: EET 211
Prerequisite: BIO 121
Credits: 4(Lec: 3 Clinical: 10)
School: Sci Techn Eng & Math
Department: Electrical Eng & Computer Tech
Attributes: General Elective

Version: 3.2 (12/18/2008)

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