IST 289 - Project Management
Provides a comprehensive view of project management utilizing Microsoft Project software. Emphasizes a "systems approach" to project management, which is critical to the business or IT professional. Defines the framework for the project management, provides a detailed description of each of the project management areas, and includes practical applications for the use of Microsoft Project software in developing and managing business and information technology projects. Provides a practical guide for preparation for the PMI certification through the Project Management Institute. Note: A minimum of 7,500 hours of project management experience is required (4,500 with a bachelor's degree) to sit for the PMI exam.
Co-requisite: NONE
Prerequisite: 30 hours of college level courses completed
Credits: 3(Lec: 3)
School: Sci Techn Eng & Math
Department: Electrical Eng & Computer Tech
Attributes: General Elective

Version: 3.2 (12/18/2008)

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