SUR 210 - Ethics,Legal & Professionalism
This course introduces the key, nontechnical aspects of Professional Practice. To develop a better understanding of topics in providing quality patient care, ethical and legal issues arise on a daily basis both on a personal level and for the healthcare worker. Specific controversial topics are presented for analysis, debate, and personal reflection. Students develop resumes and learn about employability skills. Job interview techniques are practiced.
Co-requisite: SUR 200 and SUR 201
Prerequisite: SUR 102 and SUR 104 with a "C" or better
Credits: 1(Lec: 1)
School: Schl of Nrs & Hlth Professions
Department: Surgical, Phlebotomy & Pharm
Attributes: General Elective

Version: 3.2 (12/18/2008)

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