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The goal of the childcare technology lab school is to provide high quality childcare and education at an affordable cost to our families. Our tuitions are based on community surveys that give us the base line for the cost of childcare in our immediate area. The Center does provide for payroll deduction if you work for the college. We are happy to work with your employer to accommodate pre tax dollar benefits if they are available to you.

Tuition rates are available in the office of the Early Childhood Learning Center Lab School. A onetime non refundable registration fee of $35.00 is payable at the time of your initial reservation. If you need to take a leave of absence from the center and wish to hold a spot for your return, then you will pay an additional $35.00 (for example if you leave for the summer but wish to hold a spot for fall semester). Enrollment is on a full or part time basis. Families must sign a contract for the semester or year depending upon their enrollment.

If you are enrolling in the Technology Lab School under a Department of Human Services contract your authorization for service form must be at the center BEFORE your child is allowed to attend. Co-Pays must be made in compliance with the contract for service to be continued.

Child Care Funds
The Center has a contract with The Ohio Department of Jobs and Human Services and with the Ohio Department of Education Early Literacy Initiative Program for child care funds. You must check your eligibility for these funds with ODJFS or with ELI in your respective county. *

Contact Information:

  • Fulton County representative - (419) 337-0010
  • Hancock County representative - (419) 423-6827
  • Lucas County representative - (419) 213-8999
  • Ottawa County representative - (419) 661-7000
  • Sandusky County representative - (419) 334-3891
  • Seneca County representative- (419) 447-5011
  • Wood County representative - (419) 352-7566 or (419) 246-3029
  • ELI specialist (419) 265-3246

*Decisions about individual qualifications are strictly up to the individual county or program based on their rules. Owens Community College does not factor into the decision process.

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