Owens graduates, photo montage

Cap and Gown FAQs

Do I have to wear a cap and gown during Commencement?
Yes, appropriate regalia is required to participate in the ceremony.

I have a cap and gown from my high school graduation. Can I wear those items at the Owens Commencement?
The cap and gown fabric and shade of black are specific to Owens Community College, so you may not wear regalia from another graduation ceremony at another institution. Also, the gown style is different for each level of degree earned.

When is the best time to purchase my cap and gown from the Owens Bookstore?
The Bookstore staff is ready and willing to help you get ready for your special day. Graduates are not required to place orders for regalia. The Bookstore suggests graduates come in two weeks prior to the ceremony as size selections become limited -- in case an order is necessary.

What color is my tassel?
Owens Community College Graduates wear tassels that represent their academic disciplines and degrees:

  • Associate of Arts - White
  • Associate of Science - Gold
  • Associate of Applied Business - Drab
  • Associate of Applied Science - Gold
  • Associate of Technical Studies - Gold
  • Associate of Individualized Studies - White

What will my cap and gown cost at the Owens Bookstore?
The cap, gown and tassel sell for $37.70 plus tax.

What is the Student Activities Office cap and gown program?
The Student Activities Office has a limited number of caps and gowns that are recycled and re-used from one Commencement ceremony to the next, thanks to graduates who donate them. Students may request caps and gowns at the Student Activities Office about six weeks prior to each Commencement ceremony. Not all sizes are available and the supply is limited. After the ceremony, the Student Activities Office accepts donations for future students' use. Tassels are not available and must be purchased.