Student FAQs Regarding Student Conduct Matters

How will I be notified if a report has been filed against me?
You will be contacted in written form (Owens email account and/or permanent address on file) and/or by phone.

Once you receive notification from the Office of Student Conduct, you have 24 hours to call or email the contact information provided to schedule an appointment.

What is the process for student conduct when you get a report?
Once we receive a report we begin our investigation into the report. This may involve interviewing those involved in the incident, consulting with police or other College officials, and/or collecting materials relevant to the situation.

After we have conducted the investigation, we will then meet with the alleged student for an administrative conference. This is the student's opportunity to share their side of the story, learn about the student conduct process, make an initial statement regarding his/her involvement in the reported incident, and to ask questions.

At that point it will be determined if a violation of the Student Code of Conduct has occurred. If there is a violation, our office will determine if we can come to a informal mutual resolution or if there needs to be a administrative student conduct hearing or a student conduct hearing board. If a informal mutual resolution is reached, the conduct process will be completed pending the completion of agreed upon sanctions. If the case goes to a hearing, you will then receive paperwork and correspondence preparing for your hearing.

What do I need to do to prepare for a conduct meeting?
For your first meeting with the Office of Student Conduct you will need to review the notification letter that was sent to you which overviews the alleged incident and review the Student Code of Conduct. If the case is going to a student conduct hearing board, information pertaining to witnesses, support persons/advisor, evidence, etc. will be included in your pre-hearing materials.

What if I am contacted to set up a meeting with the conduct office and I do not schedule the meeting?
If you do not schedule an appointment after receiving notification, the conduct office will pursue the case without the benefit of your involvement and perspective.

If I am being charged in court, why do I also have to deal with Owens Community College? Isn't this double jeopardy?
It is not double jeopardy which only applies to the criminal court system. As a student, the College holds you responsible for your behavior under the Student Code of Conduct, rather than criminal statutes.

Do I need an attorney?
Informal mutual resolution, administrative student conduct hearings, and student conduct board hearings, and other proceedings at an educational institution do not follow the same procedures used in courtrooms. The College does not employ lawyers to "prosecute" students, or apply the rules of evidence used in civil or criminal trials. Instead, charges are investigated and resolved in an atmosphere of candor, truthfulness, and civility.

What if I fail to show up for my scheduled hearing?
If a student fails to appear for a scheduled hearing, the case will be adjudicated and a sanction may be imposed.

What if I was not aware of a rule and didn't know I was breaking it?
Lack of knowledge of a rule is not an excuse for misconduct. Every student is responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the Student Code of Conduct. If you are unsure about any policies, ask for clarification.

If I am found responsible for a violation, how do you determine sanctions?
Sanctions are determine using a variety of factors including the nature and severity of the violation, related circumstances, impact on the campus/community, past history, precedent, and educational value of the sanction.

What if I do not complete an assigned sanction?
Additional sanctions may be added and a hold may be placed on your record. In some cases, failure to complete sanctions may result in suspension or expulsion.

This content was adapted from the Student Conduct office at Butler University