Payroll - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I get paid?
Owens' employees are paid on Fridays every two weeks. The payroll calendars for both hourly and salaried employees are available on the Human Resource Office's Intranet site in the Compensation & Payroll section, under Payroll. The timing of your first paycheck will depend upon your respective payroll calendar, your actual first day of work, and whether all your paperwork has been completed as requested (in advance).

How will I get paid?
All Owens employees are paid through direct deposit, with no limit on number of banks or accounts to deposit your net pay. A direct deposit authorization form is included with the "initial forms" you are to complete prior to your first day on the job. Providing a voided check with the direct deposit form to verify your bank and account information will result in your very first paycheck being direct deposited, otherwise, your first paycheck will be a paper check. Toledo campus employees may pick up their paycheck from the Human Resources Office after 2 p.m. Thursday, through noon, Friday (pay date), after which time will be mailed to your home. Findlay Campus paychecks are mailed on Wednesday to the employee's home.

Where do I find my payroll information?
To access your Pay Stub

  • sign into Ozone
  • select "Employee"
  • select "my Pay Stub"

You can also find additional information concerning your Tax Forms (My W2 and My W4), Job Summary, Benefits and Deductions, and My Leave Balances.

Why isn't social security (F.I.C.A.) tax withheld from my paycheck?
As an employee of a public institution that contributes to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) or School Employees Retirement System (SERS), you are only permitted (and obligated) to have the Medicare portion of social security (currently 1.45%) withheld. Owens, as the employer, also makes a matching contribution of the 1.45% tax. For more information on how this might influence your social security benefit upon retirement, go to

Does Owens provide payroll deduction for supplemental retirement savings over and above the mandatory retirement programs?
Fixed percentages withheld from both STRS and SERS (including alternative plans) are mandated by law and do not allow for additional contributions to those specific plans. Owens does, however, offer additional, voluntary pre-tax payroll deduction for supplemental (additional) retirement savings that fall under the Internal Revenue Service Code sections 403(b) and 457 rules.

If I move, what forms do I need to complete?
You need to complete an Address/Telephone Change Form which may be printed from the Human Resource Intranet site - Forms section. You must indicate either your City or Township of residence as well as the school district as this information is used by the payroll to update your local tax withholding. If you move between Ohio and Michigan, a new required state withholding form needs to be completed.

Who do I contact if I need further information?
Our payroll specialist is Graham Salcedo who can be reached at (567) 661-7647 or