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Accommodation Notification Procedures
Summer Term 2011

The Office of Disability Services (DS) is rolling out a new procedure this summer. Under the old system, students received individualized "Letters of Accommodation" (LOAs) for each class. The LOA listed the specific accommodations requested by the student for each class. The student delivered each LOA to each instructor for land-based classes. The DS Secretary emailed LOAs to instructors for web-based classes.

Accommodation Eligibility Form

In the new system, students will receive an "Accommodation Eligibility Form" (AEF). The AEF will list all of the accommodations for which the student is eligible, not just the specific accommodations the student has requested. The new change will prompt a conversation between the student and instructor about the specific accommodations for each class.

For web classes, the student will email the AEF directly to the instructor.

Summer Semester 2011 Pilot

Why are we making this change? To provide a more efficient process, allowing the DS staff to spend more time to meet with our more than 550 students and to coordinate accommodations for all campus locations. In addition, it provides the students with more autonomy in managing and implementing their individual accommodations.

This roll out will allow DS staff to test the system and correct any errors before fall semester start-up. Students and instructors will see a difference in the look and in the content of disability notification memos. Please contact the Office of Disability Services, (567) 661-7007, with any questions, concerns, or observations as we work through this change!

Comparison Chart of Old and New Procedures

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