Support Services and Adaptive Equipment

Accessible Computer Stations

Accessible computer stations and software programs are available in the computer labs.

  1. Students may use these stations by presenting their student ID to the lab assistants.
  2. Students requesting use of the accessible software programs may be required to go through technology training.
  3. Students are expected to follow the policies and procedures of the labs.
  4. Personal headsets are furnished upon request.
  5. Hours vary among locations and are posted.
  6. Any questions/problems concerning adaptive software or hardware may be directed to (567) 661-7007.

Adaptive Equipment

Disability Services has a limited number of equipment/devices available. Supplies are loaned on a "first come, first serve" basis.

  • FM receivers and amplification devices
  • Half-QWERTY Keyboard
  • Trackball
  • AlphaSmart (portable word processor)
  • Magnification Devices
    • CCTV
    • Eclipse
    • Fusion
    • QuickLook

Adaptive Technology Lab (Toledo)

Adaptive Technology Lab Hours
Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The following software programs are available in the AT lab:

  • Kurzweil 1000
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • ZoomText

Enlarged Print Materials (Adobe)

To receive enlarged materials students must also:

  1. Provide DS staff with materials to be enlarged.
  2. Meet with Adaptive Technology (AT) Specialist to discuss individual preferences and format options.


To receive classroom interpreting or TypeWell services, students must also:

  1. Be on time for classes. Interpreters/transcriptionists will wait 15 minutes before leaving the classroom if student is not present.
  2. If a student misses three consecutive classes without informing DS, the interpreter may receive another assignment. A meeting may be requested by a staff member in DS to discuss the student's situation.
  3. Report all schedule changes or cancellations to DS in a timely manner in order for interpreter and transcriptionist assignments to be adjusted.
  4. If interpreter/transcriptionist is absent, student should notify DS immediately at (567) 661-7007 or via email at Emergency contacts and numbers will be provided to students for those situations when the DS office is closed.

For Interpreting Requests outside of regularly scheduled classroom times:
  1. Complete an Interpreter Request form (pdf) and return it to DS at least 3 days prior to the event. These requests can include meetings with faculty, tutoring sessions, field trips, and other campus related activities.

Materials in electronic text (E-Text)

Students eligible for utilizing Electronic Text (E-Text) services will be provided with their book(s) on CD for use with Kurzweil 3000, text-to-speech software. Textbooks are scanned and converted into electronic format, then burned onto CD. Students eligible for E-Text services are also welcome to meet with the Adaptive Technology Specialist to discuss the variety of available software reading programs.

To receive E-Text students must also:

  1. Complete software training.
  2. Provide DS with course syllabus.
  3. Purchase the textbook(s) for the courses E-Text services are requested.
  4. Sign a Publisher/E-text Material Agreement and abide by the listed conditions.
  5. Return CD at the end of each semester.

Notetaking Assistance

To receive notetaking services students must also:

  1. Meet with a DS staff member to receive notetaking volunteer card(s) and review self-advocacy techniques.
  2. Meet with the instructor outside of class time and provide letter of accommodation. Discuss whether instructor notes are available on Blackboard or hard copy.
  3. If instructor notes are unavailable or insufficient, ask a classmate to serve as a volunteer notetaker and provide the volunteer with a notetaking card.
  4. Discuss with volunteer the following options:
    • Free carbonless notetaking paper is available on Toledo campus at DS (College Hall 116) or Findlay Campus (Enrollment Services waiting/reception room 112).
    • Volunteer may make free photocopies at DS in Toledo or at Findlay Mail/Copy Center room 115CC.
    • DS has AlphaSmart portable electronic keyboards, which students may sign out for the semester. For more information about AlphaSmart, see a DS Representative.
  5. Students may ask the instructor for assistance in announcing the need for a volunteer. In this case, student should:
    • Ask the instructor to announce the need for a volunteer notetaker and remind the instructor not to disclose the identity of the requesting student.
    • Provide the instructor with the notetaking card and instructions for the volunteer to return the card to DS (Toledo) or Enrollment Services waiting/reception room 112 (Findlay).
    • For the convenience of students and volunteers, volunteers may leave copies of notes at DS (Toledo) or Enrollment Services (Findlay). The requesting student should check regularly for notes, which will be placed in a folder labeled with student's first name and last initial.

If a volunteer cannot be located, students should contact DS for assistance. Students should evaluate the quality and consistency of the notes and inform the volunteer of any problems. If a resolution is not found, students should inform DS of the problem and discuss options for recruiting a new notetaker.

Students should attend class on a regular basis. Notes are not a substitute for class attendance.

Prospective Volunteers

View the Volunteer Notetaker Training PowerPoint

Earn Owens Bookstore gift certificates for a class (or classes) in which you are enrolled!

Receive free carbonless note paper from Disability Services, OR

Use Disability Services copy machine to make free copies of notes

Receive a certificate of appreciation (which looks impressive with your resume!)

  • Contact DS representative to express interest
    • OR
  • Speak to the instructor if he/she makes an announcement in class
    • OR
  • (If the student gives you the notetaking card directly) Fill out the notetaking card and drop it off at Disability Services, Alumni Hall, room 103

Guidelines for Volunteer Notetakers

  1. Be on time. Attend class regularly!
  2. Take notes for assigned student only.
  3. Give notes to student after each class, or drop off notes(labeled with course and section number) at Disability Services.
  4. If unable to attend class, attempt to arrange for a replacement notetaker.
  5. If replacement is not available, contact Disability Services.
  6. Amount of gift certificate will be prorated if student drops course.
  7. Volunteers who do not fulfill notetaking commitments may not be eligible for a gift certificate.

Testing Accommodations

Extended Time

  1. Take tests in the Testing Center or coordinate the accommodation with faculty member.
  2. Schedule a test time in the Testing Center consistent with the scheduled class time.

Scanned Tests

  1. Complete appropriate software training.
  2. Remind instructor test(s) will be taken in the Testing Center.
  3. Schedule an appointment in advance to reserve use of the adaptive computer in the Testing Center, (567) 661-TEST (8378) for Toledo and Findlay, consistent with the scheduled class test time.

Scribed Tests

  1. Provide DS with course syllabus.
  2. Provide instructor with letter of accommodation prior to test date.
  3. Schedule an appointment with DS at least 3 working days prior to test date by completing a Scribe Request Form for each test.
  4. Remind instructor to take the test to the Testing Center.
  5. Take scribed tests in the DS office.
  6. Students are responsible for reporting schedule changes/cancellations to DS.
  7. Students are expected to be on time for scribing appointments. If a student misses an appointment, DS staff will return test to Testing Center. Student will need to contact instructor to make alternate arrangements.

Scribes write verbatim what the student dictates. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing the student's thoughts. The student is responsible for proofreading and correcting any errors of spelling or punctuation. Students eligible for scribing services are also welcome to meet with Adaptive Technology Specialist to discuss the use of technology in place of human scribes.