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Disability Services

Accessible Computer Stations

Accessible computer stations and software programs are available in the computer labs.

  1. Students may use these stations by presenting their student ID to the lab assistants.
  2. Students requesting use of the accessible software programs may be required to go through technology training.
  3. Students are expected to follow the policies and procedures of the labs.
  4. Personal headsets are furnished upon request.
  5. Hours vary among locations and are posted.
  6. Any questions/problems concerning adaptive software or hardware may be directed to (567) 661-7007.

Software is located: (click to view hours and locations)

Disability Services - AH 103Admissions/Advising Room 150
Library - AV Preview Room 118Common Computer Lab Room 152
Audio Visual Classroom Center - AVCC 152Common Computer Lab Room 195
Common Computer Lab CH 213Common Computer Lab Room 196
Common Computer Lab CH 211 
Developmental Education Lab CH 156 
Developmental Education Lab CH 156-E 
Bicentennial Hall - BH 257 
Workforce & Community Services - CDT 137 

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