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Disability Services

Testing Accommodations

Extended Time

  1. Take tests in the Testing Center or coordinate the accommodation with faculty member.
  2. Schedule a test time in the Testing Center consistent with the scheduled class time.

Scanned Tests

  1. Complete appropriate software training.
  2. Remind instructor test(s) will be taken in the Testing Center.
  3. Schedule an appointment in advance to reserve use of the adaptive computer in the Testing Center, (567) 661-TEST (8378) for Toledo and Findlay, consistent with the scheduled class test time.

Scribed Tests

  1. Provide DS with course syllabus.
  2. Provide instructor with letter of accommodation prior to test date.
  3. Schedule an appointment with DS at least 3 working days prior to test date by completing a Scribe Request Form for each test.
  4. Remind instructor to take the test to the Testing Center.
  5. Take scribed tests in the DS office.
  6. Students are responsible for reporting schedule changes/cancellations to DS.
  7. Students are expected to be on time for scribing appointments. If a student misses an appointment, DS staff will return test to Testing Center. Student will need to contact instructor to make alternate arrangements.

Scribes write verbatim what the student dictates. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing the student's thoughts. The student is responsible for proofreading and correcting any errors of spelling or punctuation. Students eligible for scribing services are also welcome to meet with Adaptive Technology Specialist to discuss the use of technology in place of human scribes.

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