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Webcourse FAQ

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What is Blackboard?

  • Blackboard ( is a CMS, or Course Management Software platform, that creates a virtual classroom for online instruction.

What is a course cartridge (Blackboard)?

  • A course cartridge is publisher created content that an instructor may adopt for the course that follows and supplements the textbook.
  • Courses that use a content cartridge require the use of an access code which can be purchased in the Bookstore with your book.

What is an access code?

  • An access code is a series of letters and/or numbers that are unique to the user and the course. Only those courses that use publisher content require access codes.
  • Access codes are either included with a *new* textbook, or sold separately from the text in the Bookstore. Access codes can also be purchased online from the publisher's website.
  • Access codes will be used the first time you access your course only. After that you will use your unique user ID and password that you create when you login to your course.
  • Access codes can be used one time only. You will not be able to share access codes, or resell them with your textbook.

What if my access code does not work?

  • If your access code does not work after several attempts, contact your instructor. Many times a number 1 is actually a lower case letter l.
  • Why do I have to purchase an access code?
  • You must purchase an access code to access your course. Not every course will require an access code. Only those courses in which the instructor has adopted publisher content.

How do I get my textbooks?

  • You may visit the campus Bookstore to purchase your textbooks.

How do I contact an advisor?

  • If you need to contact an advisor, call the Office of Enrollment Services at (567) 661-7777, or 1-800-GO-OWENS, Ext. 7777.

What if I have technical problems?

  • If you have technical problems, such as accessing the course, or hardware failure, you will first want to contact your instructor to alert them of the problem. They will be able to help you, or refer you to the appropriate person or department. If you are unable to contact the instructor or access the course after the start of the semester, contact one of the following support staff:
    • For web course login problems, contact the IT Help Desk at 1-800-466-9367.
    • If you are able to login and are having problems inside of your web course, contact Raymond Crabtree at 1-800-466-9367, ext. 7309.
    • Additional Blackboard support and resources are available 24/7 at the e-Learning Blackboard Support Portal.

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