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Webcourse Information

Owens Community College Web and Hybrid Course Requirement

Students who have not yet successfully completed an Owens online course will need a unique registration code to register for an online or hybrid course. Students will obtain the registration code by completing an assessment in the Blackboard Web Course Preparation Course. For more information, see the Web Course Prep Requirement FAQ.

Access your class content, instructor, and classmates any time of the day or night in a password-protected online web course site. You need to have access to a computer on which you can download and install software and it is recommended that you're able to access the Internet at least three times per week. Correspondence is conducted via online discussion forums, chat rooms, and email. Instructors may require you to come to the one of the Owens Testing Centers or to a pre-determined proctored location to take exams. Web courses are a rigorous form of instruction geared for motivated and organized students who have general computer skills and can't fit traditional classes into their daily schedule.


Blackboard is an online learning management system software and is used for the majority of web courses at Owens. Many instructors who are teaching on campus also use Blackboard to enhance their courses. All Owens courses have a Blackboard site. Your Blackboard course site will become available on the morning of first day that your class is scheduled to begin and are available throughout the semester. The course sites are closed to students approximately two weeks after your final class date. To learn more about Blackboard, click the Blackboard Tutorials link to the left.

Web Course Textbooks

Textbooks are required for Owens web courses. You can see the booklist and order textbooks online at the OCC Bookstore web site. You must purchase or order your textbook from the campus where your course originates:
Odd-numbered sections = Findlay Campus Bookstore (Example - PSY101-225)
Even-numbered sections = Toledo Campus Bookstore (Example PSY101-226)
Please note that each bookstore stocks only enough books for their campus' web course sections, so once again, it is important that you obtain your book form the correct campus. If you do not live close to the campus where your web course originates, you can have the textbook shipped to your home.

Toledo Campus Bookstore - 1-800-466-9367 x 7306
Findlay Campus Bookstore - 1-800-346-3529 x 3552

Access Codes

Some web course sites require a special pin or access code to access additional publisher content within the course site. These access codes are typically bundled with a new, shrink-wrapped version of the textbook that is purchased at one of the campus bookstores. You may need this code the first time you try to access publisher content in your course site. Not all web courses require an access code. If you purchased a used textbook and discover that you need an additional access code, you may be able to purchase one online. Check with your instructor to be sure.

Disability Services

Student enrolled in e-Owens classes should contact the Office of Disability Services regarding any need for accommodation pertaining to Distance Education. The Disability Services website is located at

Accessing Your Web Course

Owens uses an internet-based software program called Blackboard to deliver the *majority of its web-based courses. You will not have access to your web course until the first day of the semester. There are multiple start dates each semester. Be sure to verify your course start date. You may not receive any additional information from your instructor prior to the start of the semester, so be sure to access your course on day 1 and look for the syllabus that will be posted in the course site.

*Some web courses are not delivered from the Owens CC Blackboard site. Instructor will provide course access information if the Owens Blackboard site is not used.

  • To begin, launch your web browser. (If you are using AOL, connect with AOL, then minimize the AOL window and launch another web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

  • Enter the URL: and click the LOGIN button

  • Enter your username (firstname_lastname)

  • Enter your password (Two Digit Birth Day + Two Digit Birth Year +Middle Two Digits of Student ID).

On the right side of the Welcome page*, click on the title of your web course.
*All of your OCC courses will be listed here, but please note that not all OCC on-campus instructors will use their Blackboard site.

If the instructor is using post office mail to send you information, documents will be sent to the address that is on file in your student record. You can confirm or change your address information via your Ozone account. If you have changed your address or phone number, please change your address information via your Ozone account and inform your instructor as soon as possible. This will prevent any delay in receiving your information. If you register on or after the first day of classes, be sure to contact your instructor to let them know you are enrolled in the course!

Oserve Info for Online Students

Oserve is the customer service office for Financial Aid, Records and Student Accounts. If you have questions about a hold on your account, a registration error, how to order a transcript, when your bill is due, or what requirements must be met in order to receive financial aid, Oserve is the place to contact!

We strive to provide full service in person, over the phone and via email. Any email inquiries must come from your Owens email account, for your own protection.

We think it is particularly important for our online students to know the following information:

  • Owens does not send paper bills. You must log in to Ozone to check your Account Summary By Term for your semester balance and due dates.
  • Each class has unique refund deadlines and drop deadlines. Students can view these deadlines, as well as course material costs and fees for each class by visiting the Class Schedule link on Simply enter the CRN (5 digit code) for each class in which you are enrolled to view specific information for your classes.
  • If you plan to use financial aid to help pay for your classes, completing the FAFSA at is just the first step. From Ozone, click on Financial Aid for a wealth of information related to your financial aid award package, requirements, satisfactory academic progress (SAP) eligibility, book voucher details, and other important information.

Visit the Oserve web site for a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions, email us at or call (567) 661-7378 or 1-800-GO OWENS, ext. 7378 for more information.


Even though you will work primarily from home when taking web courses, some instructors utilize on-site testing. OCC has Testing Centers at both the Toledo and Findlay Campuses with daytime, evening, and weekend hours. If you are outside of the geographic area of one of the campus Testing Centers, a proctoring arrangement is possible. This means that you may be able to attend an institution near your home to take the exams. The College is part of the National College Testing Association Consortium (NCTA), which has more than 700 members in the United States and offers testing centers across the country and abroad that are willing to provide proctoring services to students away from their campuses.

Visit this web page for more information about test proctoring. You should also communicate with your instructor about your need for proctoring arrangements, should your instructor require on-site testing. (Once you are enrolled, you can contact your instructor through your campus email account.)

When taking an online test, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. (AOL users should minimize AOL and use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer). Dial-up connections are more vulnerable to losing their Internet connection during an online test. Try to minimize the possibility of being dropped by turning off any features that may cause you to lose connection like pop-up blockers, call waiting, etc. If you know that you are frequently dropped from the Internet, you may want to consider taking your online test from a computer lab or other more reliable high-speed connection.

Testing Centers:
Toledo: (567) 661-TEST (8378), College Hall 128-B. Call for open hours to take a test.
Findlay: (567) 661-TEST (8378), Room 124
Proctoring Information - 1-800-466-9367 X7547

Course Communication


Web course communication occurs in a variety of ways. Emails, discussion boards, CHAT Rooms, telephone calls, office visits, and even postal mailings can be possible means of communication within a web course. Every student receives an Owens OZONE email account upon registration. Please note that this is the official email address for your web course. Instructors may not reply to messages sent from other email accounts. Be sure to check your Owens email often.

Office 2007 file compatibility issue

Since the release of Microsoft Office 2007, there have been problems with student-faculty file exchange on the Blackboard learning management system. This is due to the file formats for Microsoft Office 2007 being not natively compatible with the older Office versions. To rectify this situation, Microsoft has developed and made available at no cost the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats".
This item can be downloaded from:

There is also the option in the various members of the Office suite to save in different file formats. Saving in either Rich Text Format (RTF) or Office 97/2003 format will, for exchange purposes, alleviate the file incompatibility issue with pre-2007 Office products.

Additional Technical Considerations

Some web courses will require students to have additional technological capabilities that go beyond the recommendations listed above. Online courses in speech or foreign languages for example, may require students to record and submit digital audio files or videotaped recordings to demonstrate verbal proficiencies. Check the online class schedule and / or course syllabus for course requirements.

Technical Support

For Blackboard assistance, please call the IT Help Desk (567) 661-7120 or email them at If you call when the office is closed, stay on the line and you'll have a menu option to obtain Blackboard assistance from our 24 X 7 Blackboard support service. If you are experiencing technical difficulties once you are inside your course site, you can also contact the e-Learning Technical Support at 1-800-GO-OWENS, ext. 7309. You can also visit the e-Learning Support Portal for Blackboard assistance.

Important - Browser Compatibility

Please note that Blackboard does not often support many of the most recent browser releases.

Click Here for Blackboard Supported Browsers and Operating Systems


All Owens students receive an Ozone email account. This is the email address that will be used if you are taking an Owens Webcourse through Blackboard. To activate your Ozone account, go to and follow the instructions.

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