Parking On Campus

Accessible Parking

Owens Community College provides for accessible parking in convenient spaces for all major buildings. A valid state accessible placard must be displayed while parking in an accessible parking space. Further information about accessible parking can be obtained at the Department of Public Safety, located in Alumni Hall, on the Toledo-area Campus and in the Department of Public Safety on the Findlay-area Campus. Accessible parking violators will be assessed a $250 fine.


Parking bicycles inside campus buildings is not permitted.


Motorcycles constitute a motor vehicle as defined in the Ohio Revised Code and therefore, the same parking regulations apply as with any other motor vehicle. Operators of motorcycles are reminded that kickstands often push through and damage blacktop. This can cause the motorcycle to fall over. It is recommended that something be placed under the kickstand to prevent this from happening.

General Parking Regulations for Students, Employees and Visitors

The term motor vehicle is intended to include motorcycles, motorbikes, trucks, buses and vans, as well as automobiles or any other vehicle required to be licensed by the State of Ohio.

All persons, including visitors, shall park within a single parking space. Student parking is available in all parking areas of the campus.

A motor vehicle illegally parked in an accessible space, accessible access or in a reserved space, or found in violation of any section of these motor vehicle regulations, may be towed.

A motor vehicle improperly parked, determined to be a traffic or safety hazard, abandoned or found in violation of any section of these motor vehicle regulations, may be towed (at the owner’s expense) by order of the Department of Public Safety. The owner or driver also is subject to fine and penalty.

Parking in restricted areas (such as fire lanes, at yellow curbs, in “no parking” areas, in drives, etc.) or parking in any area not specifically designated for parking, constitutes a violation and is subject to penalty.

No one may park in a driveway or entrance to a parking area even though his/her vehicle is not entirely blocking the entrance or driveway. If a vehicle is parked or blocking entrances or driveways, it will be subject to fines. All such driveways and entrances are fire lanes.

Unauthorized vehicles cannot be parked in any parking space or area specifically designated by a RESERVED sign at any time.

Parking in designated accessible spaces is restricted to individuals with state permanent accessible permits or plates. All permits are to be placed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle.

Parking on grass or ground areas, even though adjacent to legal parking areas, is illegal.

Vehicles are not allowed in areas or spaces closed by the use of barricades or other traffic control devices.

All motor vehicles parked or operated on any College-owned or controlled property shall display the number of license plates issued by the state of Ohio, another state or a dually authorized governmental agency for the current registration period. Such plates must be issued to the vehicle displayed thereon and be properly mounted as required by law. Vehicles with expired registration (plates) may be towed at owner’s expense.

The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations. Overnight parking in any College lots must be reported to the Department of Public Safety.

Additional Motor Vehicle Regulations

In the absence of a specific College traffic regulation, all provisions of the Ohio Revised Code (relative to any traffic matter) shall be in full force and effect on all College-owned or controlled property and shall be enforced at all times.

On the Toledo and Findlay-area Campuses, the speed limit in parking lots is 10 miles per hour. All individuals shall operate motor vehicles on the streets of the campus within posted speed limits and with due regard for the traffic, surface and width of the street, and for any other conditions then existing. No person shall drive any motor vehicle at a greater speed than will permit him/her to bring it to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.

It shall be the duty of the operator of any vehicle to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian walking on any street of the College’s campus.

All College streets and driveways, designated by a sign for use by maintenance, service and emergency vehicles only, are limited to this particular type of traffic at all times and no other vehicles shall be permitted to use these streets and driveways. In cases where the only access to a loading zone is a restricted street or driveway, vehicles other than maintenance, service, and emergency will be permitted to use those streets and driveways only for the express purpose of loading and unloading.

It shall be unlawful to disobey the directions of any traffic sign, signal or control device lawfully placed on any College-owned or controlled street, drive or parking lot, unless otherwise directed by a Campus Security officer.

Motor vehicle accidents occurring on the College’s campus should be reported to the Department of Public Safety regardless of the extent of damage. Report accidents to the Department of Public Safety.