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Frequently Asked Questions - Arts and Sciences (Transfer)

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  1. How will I know if the courses I'm taking will transfer to a four-year college or university? The transfer programs require courses that are designed to transfer. Most of the courses are also listed within the Owens catalog. This module lists courses that all state funded schools must have as part of their course offerings. You can also use Transferology (formerly to determine whether a class will transfer or not to your new school. However, the best way to find out is to ask a representative of the school to which the credit will be transferred.
  2. What does "Liberal Arts Electives" mean? From which list do I choose them? Liberal Arts Elective are courses at you choose from any of the electives list. For example, for a liberal arts elective you may choose a social and behavior science, a humanities, an art class, a natural science, or math class. You must choose classes that you have not already taken.
  3. Why are most of the classes required by my major "electives" and not courses specific to my field of study? When doing a transfer major, students take mostly general electives and core requirements that are required by four-year degrees. When you transfer to that four-year school, you will take the vast majority of your major classes there.
  4. Do I need to take a placement test to take a foreign language? Yes. Students are required to take a placement test if they want to register for Spanish, German, and French for the first time at Owens. Refer to the Testing Center for more information.

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