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  1. Why am I not able to register on Ozone? Some common reasons are that you may be on Academic Probation, have a hold on your account, or if you do not have the prerequisites for classes. Also, once the semester has started, Ozone registration is closed. After the semester begins, the only way to register is through paper registration. Check with the Student Development office to see if any of these things could be affecting your registration.
  2. How can I find out how many classes I need to graduate? You can access your unofficial transcript on your Ozone account and compare the courses passed to the list of courses that needed for your degree in your catalog of record. You can also request and official degree audit in writing at the Records Office.
  3. What is "catalog of record"? This is a term referring to the catalog that a student should be following. Students will follow the catalog that was current when they began taking classes at Owens Community College provided that they have not changed the major and have not missed more than two (2) consecutive semesters. If a student changes the major or does not take courses at Owens for two (2) or more semesters, the student must then follow the current catalog which becomes the new catalog of record.
  4. How can a course substitution be done? In order for a course substitution to be done, the student must meet with the appropriate chair for the department in which the student is seeking a substitution. Only the chair of the department is authorized to make a course substitution.
  5. Can I test out of a class? In some cases, there are proficiency tests that a student can take to test out of a class. When this is done, a course waiver is sent to the records office waiving the need for the class to be taken. A course waiver applies to course/graduation requirements at Owens Community College. Course waivers will not transfer and do not apply to other college or university requirements. If you would like to test out of a class, refer to the Testing Center.

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