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Frequently Asked Questions - Fine and Performing Arts

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  1. Some of the classes required by my major are not offered yet. What should I do? Because the Fine and Performing Arts majors are new, some of the upper level classes will not be offered until students will be ready for the classes. If it is a class that you need now, speak with the department chair.
  2. My two-year degree has nothing to do with business, yet the major requires business classes. Why? Students in the Fine Arts field are given business classes so they have a foundational knowledge of business when they graduate. Many fine arts majors are designed so a student will have the knowledge to open his or her own business after graduating.
  3. Some of the Fine and Performing Arts majors are listed as "proposed" in the Owens Community College catalog. What does "proposed" mean? Proposed means that the majors have yet to be approved by the Ohio Board of Regents. Once they are approved, the term proposed will be removed.
  4. Do I have to be an Owens Student to audition for a play or musical? No. Auditioning is open to everyone. Refer to the Performing Arts web page for more information.

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