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Tech Prep General Information

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Owens Community College recognizes that students enrolled in high school Tech Prep programs may achieve competencies similar to competencies in courses offered at Owens. Articulation Agreements have been completed to provide the smooth transition of Tech Prep students from high school programs into technical programs at Owens.

This agreement recognizes student achievement by waiving credit for courses taken in high school Tech Prep programs in which proficiency has been demonstrated and competency requirements documented.

A maximum of sixteen (16) semester hours of credit may be waived via articulation.* A notation of WA will appear on the student's College transcript next to those courses for which credit has been waived.

*Each student must have a completed Application for Admission on file at Owens Community College before the college will consider the application for waiver.

Student Requirements

  1. Students must have graduated from a State Department of Education recognized Tech Prep program of study within 24 months of enrollment in an articulated program of study at Owens Community College.
  2. Students must have maintained a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in their occupational or applied academic course work, receiving no grade below a "C."
  3. Students must participate in the Owens Community College assessment process for academic course placement, which may include taking the ASSET and/or COMPASS assessment instruments.

Procedure for Tech Prep Articulation

To request a waiver of college course credit at Owens for work completed in high school Tech Prep classes, students need to complete the following procedures:

  1. Print a Tech Prep Application of Waiver Course Credit (pdf) or obtain one from the Admissions Office or their Tech Prep teacher.
  2. Fill out Part I: Student Identification.
  3. Take this form to a high school counselor and Tech Prep teacher who will complete Part II: Student Recommendation which includes Date of Graduation, Tech Prep Pathway, Program GPA, and Career Major and the teacher's recommendation for course waiver.
  4. Mail or deliver this form to:
    • Admissions
    • Owens Community College
    • P.O. Box 10,000
    • Toledo, OH 43699-1947
  5. The Owens department chairperson will evaluate the request and determine, based on the information provided by the counselor and Tech Prep teacher, if the course(s) should be waived.
  6. If recommendation for course waiver is not made, all related paperwork will be returned to the student
  7. If recommendation for course waiver is made, the Records Office at Owens will notify the student by sending an email to the studentís Ozone email account.

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