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Environmental Club

A few members of the Environmental Club

The Owens Environmental Club is very active on campus addressing a multitude of environmental issues. We have successfully implemented numerous recycling programs while bringing more awareness to environmental concerns. We also bring in environmental speakers to address classes here at Owens. Within the community, our club helps in various clean-ups, preserve restorations, participates in charity events and has toured landfills and the new Turbine Project in B.G. We also support various environmental causes with our yearly Human-I-Tees fundraiser.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact John Byers, OEC Advisor, (567) 661-7583 or

Student Print Solutions

Owens Environmental Club backs the school on its 250-page copy paper limit initiative (Student Print Solutions). We believe this is a positive move to raise awareness and reduce the College's and student body's paper waste in the computer labs.

One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. Americans discard four million tons of office paper every year - enough to build a 12 ft. high wall of paper from New York to California. It would take a rough average of 24 trees to produce a ton of printing and writing paper. Taking this action will reduce Owens carbon footprint and in doing so help our environment and the wildlife we live with.

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