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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OCID number?
An OCID number is an acronym for Owens College Identification number. The number is generated and becomes your number for your student records on campus. The number is not useful anywhere else and will not transfer with you to any other college. Protect this number as you do your social security number.

Why did Owens change my primary identification number for access to my student records from a social security number to the OCID?
The OCID number provides a heightened level of security and privacy for your Owens records. Your OCID number will begin with the numbers "84" followed by seven (7) randomly generated numbers.

Where do I use the OCID number?
Your OCID number will be used when you conduct any College business at a College office or on the College's website. By using your Express Card, you will not have to say your OCID or social security number. (If you should forget your Express Card ID and have not memorized your OCID number, then the office will be able to accept your social security number as a substitute for your OCID number.)

How do I obtain my OCID number?
Log in to Ozone. The main menu of Ozone will display your OCID number in red. Please make note of your number and keep it in a secure location. Protect this number as you do your social security number. Your OCID will be generated randomly through an electronic process, which will provide a high level of security. This will be your OCID as a student and later as an Owens Community College alumnus.

Will the College still need my social security number?
Owens is required to collect social security numbers in order to comply with federal and state requirements. This will help Owens staff to clearly identify your records should you forget your OCID. Your social security number will continue to be required if you are also registering or planning to register for courses, if you plan to apply for financial aid or if you wish to receive a 1098T form for reporting tuition on your federal tax return. Owens will use your social security number wherever governmental reporting requirements dictate its use.

Do we have to pay to get a new Express Card?
You must pay $15 for a new Express Card.

Who needs to get a new card?
All credit students are expected to get a new Owens Express Card to protect the privacy of their records and carry it with them when on campus. Credit students will be required to show an Owens Express Card in order to obtain most in-person services effective June 2006.

How do I get a new Owens Express Card?
First you'll need to find your OCID number by logging in to Ozone. The main menu of Ozone will display your OCID number in red. Please make note of your number and keep it in a secure location. If possible, print this page and bring it with you to the Department of Public Safety to obtain your new Owens Express Card.

Then you'll need to bring your current Express Card ID with you, no matter what shape it is in. If you have never had an Express Card ID or if you have misplaced it, then bring your current driver's license, state ID card, or Passport. Other documents are permitted but our requirements for primary and secondary ID documents match those of the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. These requirements are available online at

What are the benefits of the Express Card?
You can use your card as a debit card in the Bookstore, Jaguar Pro Shop, copy machines, all food court areas, in Security to pay fines and off campus at the designated merchants that you will find on the Express Card website. Many of these places also offer a 10% discount if you pay with your card. Please remember that you must put money on the card before using the debit functions.

How do I add money to the Express Card?
You can put money on your Express Card on the web by logging in to Ozone, visiting any of the Value Transfer Stations on campus, or you can drop a check into the secure payment drop box located outside Oserve on the Toledo campus. You can also mail in a check (please include your OCID number) to Owens Community College, Attn: Student Accounts, PO Box 10,000, Toledo, Ohio 43699.

What if I lose my card?
Immediately contact the Department of Public Safety (7575) to stop any further purchases. If your card was lost, you will need to pay $15 for a new Express Card. You need go to the Department of Public Safety to have your Express Card re-activated.

Do we need to carry the card at all times?
Yes! Carry your Owens Express Card ID with you at all times. If there is any question as to your identity or reason for being on the campus, just show your Owens Express Card ID to any authorized Owens personnel.

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