Campus Events & Facility Rentals

Who should Owens faculty and staff contact to reserve a room on the Toledo Campus for an internal Owens event or meeting?

Can I use catering services other than AVI?

Can I use a room without reserving it if it appears open?

How do I order external or internal signs for my event?

How do I know if my room request has been completed?

Do hallways, atriums and outside courtyards need to be reserved?

Can the computer labs be reserved for events?

As an employee can I use a room for a personal event?

Who should Owens faculty or staff contact to reserve a conference room on the Toledo Campus?

How do I reserve a room for my student club or organization?

What basic information is helpful when planning or preparing for an event?

Who do outside groups contact to rent a room at Owens Community College?

How far in advance can I reserve a room for my event?

How do I place a catering request?

How do I request AV Services?

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