Early Alert

How do I submit an Early Alert?

Will students be notified of early alerts?

Who should submit early alerts?

If I request an advising intervention via early alert, how does advising handle that?

What if I want to submit a second early alert on the same student during the same term?

What is an early alert?

How will I know that my early alert was successfully submitted?

Should I use early alert to report behavioral or academic misconduct?

What kind of follow-up occurs with students who have had an early alert submitted?

When should I submit an early alert?

What if there is an issue I want to submit that is not on the list of choices?

Can an early alert be submitted only if a student is doing poorly or struggling in a class?

Can I retract or revise an early alert after it has been submitted?

Can I modify the wording of the automated email notification that students receive?

Does early alert replace financial aid or athletic attendance reporting?

Who can I contact for further information about the early alert system?

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