Ozone FAQs

How do I use the new Ozone portal?

How do I request an Official copy of my Owens transcripts?

How do I find out who my Academic Advisor is?

How do I view and print my W-4 form through Ozone?

How do I view my schedule in Ozone?

How do I view and print my W-2 through Ozone?

How do I reset my Password Reset Questions?

How do I change my universal password?

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Does my password expire? How can I find out when my password will expire?

Where can I find the Faculty Assignment Tool?

How do I Web Drop a class through Ozone?

How do I Web Register through Ozone if I don't know the CRN for the class I need?

What is my username?

I am a new Owens user, how do I activate my Ozone account?

How do I find my Owens ID (OCID) number?

How do I view the class schedule search?

My username is supposed to be my first name underscore last name (firstname_lastname). How do I make an underscore?

What is Ozone? What can I do using Ozone, and why is it so important to check often?

Using the Safari browser, I am unable to log into Ozone after changing my password. What should I do?

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