How do I request an Official copy of my Owens transcripts?

Where can I go to see if my classes transfer between colleges?

Explanation of the Terms used on a Student's Class Schedule.

Can I see how many classes I have left to fulfill my requirements?

Are my grades visible in DegreeWorks?

How current will my information be in DegreeWorks?

Is my information confidential?

Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?

Can I access DegreeWorks on any computer?

Why isn’t my information up-to-date?

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Who has the ability to access DegreeWorks?

What is the Look Ahead feature?

What is DegreeWorks?

Will I be able to plan for future courses?

If I add a class to the Look Ahead does that mean I registered for the class?

What is an audit?

What do I do if I believe my academic information is incorrect?

My advisor told me that a course I took would be substituted for a requirement. Why doesn’t this information appear in my audit?

If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean I’m graduating?

Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

How do I use the DegreeWorks Audit?

Where can I see my second major?

If I think my audit is incorrect, whom do I contact?

My record shows that my major is still undeclared but I have declared a major. Why doesn’t my major show?

Where can I see my audit for my second major?

If I withdraw from a class, will that be reflected in my audit?

Will I be able to view my entire course history?

Why isn’t there a check mark next to a requirement I’ve already completed?

Can my advisor see my What-if scenario?

Can I view multiple What-if scenarios on the same screen?

Can I save a What-if scenario?

Can I print a What-if scenario?

I’m thinking of changing my major. Will I be able to see how my current classes fit into my What-If major?

What is the What-If feature?

If I use the What-if feature does this mean that I have changed my major?

If I like what I see in a What-if scenario, how do I initiate the changes?

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