Visiting (Transient/Guest) Students

How do I view the class schedule search?

Which options do I select when filling out the Owens application if I only plan to take a few courses to transfer back to my home institution?

Will courses I take at Owens transfer to my home institution?

What is a visiting student?

I am getting a pre/co-requisite & test score error when registering for a course, but I have already completed the pre/co-requisite. How can I fix this?

Where do I mail my official transcripts?

How do I register for courses?

How do I find out what books and other materials I need for class?

After I complete my course at Owens, how do I have the information sent back to my home institution?

Do I have to take both the lecture and lab if I have already completed one of them at my home institution?

I am an International Student who has “International” and “To Enroll See Your Advisor” holds on my account and I cannot register. What can I do to fix this?

What are the deadlines for adding and/or dropping classes and obtaining a refund?

I am trying to register, but am getting a link error. How can I fix this?

How much does it cost to attend Owens?

How can I pay my bill?

I am getting a time conflict error when registering for courses. How can I resolve this issue?

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